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Better Life Through Innovation

“Better life through innovation” is the belief of the company. Our mission is to continuously

improve our products beyond the industry standards through rigorous research and

development. We have an innovation process that we believe has surpassed our competitors. 

We believe in being responsible corporate citizens in all the areas we do business. We believe that our customers should always be treated in the same manner we want to be treated. We believe that out employees are our greatest assets .


Nanova ,Inc is MBE Certified ( Minority Business Enterprise). 


Better Life



Who are we? 

Nanova Inc. was founded in 2007 by a group of four dedicated researchers, two of whom are from the University of Missouri. Nanova Biomaterials, Inc. is the product of their vision. Established in 2013, NBI was created to focus on nanotechnology research to manufacture dental consumables. NBI boasts a highly qualified staff, the majority of whom hold MS or PhD degrees in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

Made in U.S.A

Nanova Inc. manufactures and assembles all of their dental products locally in Columbia, MO. They are a local business with global reach serving customers in multiple continents while staying committed to keeping operations in Columbia and giving back to the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers high quality dental and orthopedics products in addition to exceptional service that builds enduring relationship with our customers.   


                                                   Core Values



CEO: Dr Hao Li , PhD.


Dr Hao Li is one of the the founders and CEO of Nanova Biomaterials.He started as a dental implant graduate in 1996, earned his doctorate degree and eventually became a professor of Engineering in the University of  Missouri-Columbia specializing in Material Science.During his studies, he realised the opportunity in NanoTechnology  to create better dental materials which lead to his career as an entrepreneur.He started by creating a dental varnish and has yet to slow down with several more dental products in the market and in development. NBI has also made major strides in the medical industry with unique orthopedic devices.

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