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Need a Stronger Composite?

NovaPro™ composites are the first and only nanofiber reinforced restorative composites. To show the strength in nanofibers, Boston University conducted a wear test study that illustrates the benefits behind nanofibers. Click the button for the journal article.

The Dental Advisor Award winning Composite

NOVAPRO Fill Universal is a radiopaque, nanofiber reinforced, nano hybrid universal composite It offers flexural and compressive strengths of 160 Mpa and 400 MPA, respectively, and low water sorption.


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“NovaPro™  Fill provides good body to allow development of anatomy. The material polishes well and provides a long lasting luster at recall appointments”

– Dr. Kurtzman, Silver Springs, MD

“I was introduced to the NovaPro composite at the 2016 ADA meeting in Denver, Colorado and started using it shortly thereafter. Over the last 3 years I have been impressed with its strength, handling, and marginal integrity. It has not discolored and has maintained its polish. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an improved composite.”

-Dr. Ronald Lang, St. Louis, MO

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